What is Ethically Sourced Coffee & Why is it Important?

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What is Ethically Sourced Coffee & Why is it Important?

For Dublin Roasters, sustainability and ethically sourced coffee are more than just a phrase we use; it’s our mission and at the center of our values as a coffee shop. This two-part blog will help you understand what we mean by ethically sourced and sustainable coffee, why it’s such an important part of who we are, and why it should matter to you. 

What Do We Mean by “Ethically Sourced Coffee?”

When we say we only purchase ethically sourced coffee for our products, it’s about working with producers and companies that actively support the environment and the farmers who work so hard to bring us our favorite beverage.

This means keeping an eye out for coffee marked with labels indicating they are “fair trade” or “direct trade.” These coffees follow a strict set of rules intended to improve not only the environment but the living conditions of the small farmers who produce them. Buyers must comply with sustainability standards, as well as initiatives designed to improve the standard of living for the growers. Whether it’s providing the tools that growers need for a better quality of life, or only buying from farmers with a focus on eco-friendly growing methods, buyers whose products are labeled “fair trade” and “direct trade” ensure that coffee producers are supported.

Why is Ethically Sourced Coffee Important?

For many years, the coffee industry has been exploiting laborers by underpaying them and, in some cases, even forcing them to work on these farms. Ethical sourcing means that farmers and their laborers are compensated fairly for their time and land and that they are provided the partnerships and tools they need to continue to produce coffee in a competitive market.

The second part of this equation is sustainability, meaning that environmentally friendly methods are used to cultivate, harvest, and prepare the beans for import.

How Does Any of this Affect My Purchasing Decisions?

Similar to organic foods, ethically sourced coffee is a more natural product that doesn’t use pesticides or artificial methods to grow. The difference between organically-grown foods and our coffee is that, unlike local organic farms and growers, the sources of the products aren’t easy to trace. You can’t just get in your car and drive to coffee farms to ensure they are growing products to be sustainable, or that the working and living conditions of these growers are acceptable. 

Dublin Roasters Coffee’s commitment to ethically sourced coffee means that we vet farmers and the buyers to ensure that our mission, and ultimately your mission, is fulfilled with every purchase we make. 

Stay tuned for our next post in this two-part series, Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable Coffee Growing and Why it Matters to Us (and to You).