Beans Into Cooker

About Dublin Roasters

Brewing Tips

The perfect cup of coffee is our bag, and we’re here to make sure you always get the best cup. When you’re brewing one of our awesome blends at home, we’d like to leave you with the following tips to ensure your coffee is always just as good as you get when you’re hanging out with us at Dublin.

Always keep in mind these eight fundamentals for a perfect cup of coffee:

  • Remember to use ONLY Dublin’s freshly roasted beans!
  • Use 2 tablespoons of ground coffee for every 6 ounces of water.
  • Grind your beans depending on your method of brewing.
  • When using an Automatic Drip Coffee Maker – grind for 15 seconds.
  • If using a French Press – grind for 10 seconds.
  • With an Espresso machine – keep grinding, the finer the better.
  • Use fresh cold water; filtered or bottled water is better.
  • Never store coffee beans in the fridge or freezer! Store them in the pantry or cupboard, in an airtight container, canning jar, or something similar.

Here are two concoctions to help clean mineral deposits from your coffee maker:

  • Mix one part white vinegar to ten parts water. Run a pot of the mixture through your coffee maker. Then, run at least two pots of clear water through your coffee maker to fully rinse it.
  • Soak the non-electric parts of your coffee maker in warm water and baking soda, then rinse and wipe thoroughly before using.