Welcome to Dublin Roasters!

Welcome to Dublin Roasters!

Welcome to Dublin Roasters! Our journey started nearly 20 years ago when our owner, Serina Roy, began as a barista. She fell so in love with the process of roasting coffee – along with the glorious aromas – that she bought her own small roaster. From there, her passion only grew, and Dublin Roasters was born.

Serina then began traveling to countries like Mexico, Boliva and Peru – countries who promote their sustainable harvest – to purchase fair-trade organic beans. While there’s nothing like a great cup of coffee from a local shop, we are also a place that cares deeply about where your coffee comes from!

While coffee is often seen as a morning “pick-me-up”, we believe it is also wonderful for shared experiences. We also see it as a nice, warm routine that touches the lives of many – and we are thrilled to share our coffee shop space here in Frederick, MD for all to enjoy!

Hand-roasting every bean that goes into our blends, we are proud to offer a variety of coffee flavors from different locations around the globe. Whether it’s regular or decaf, we have the perfect blend to meet your style and taste buds.

Thank you so very much for visiting our new website and we look forward to seeing you at our shop in the near future!