There are Benefits in Those Beans, So Brew On!

man enjoying cup of coffee

There are Benefits in Those Beans, So Brew On!

Most of us know that when we wake up, the first thing we want is a piping hot cup of coffee, or maybe some cold brew. “Don’t even talk to me before my first cup of coffee” is exhaustedly muttered millions of times across the globe daily.

Few can deny that a cup of joe is a great cute for grumpiness, but did you know that the caffeine buzz you’re craving is actually healthy?

There are plenty of benefits to drinking coffee:

    1. It’s not a myth or pseudoscience. For many of us, drinking coffee helps us wake up so we can get to work on time. That’s because caffeine helps our brain process and use energizing chemicals, including dopamine.
    2. Our brains really like caffeine, and for good reason! Did you know that regularly drinking coffee may reduce your risk of getting Parkinson’s Disease? It can also potentially slow the disease’s devastating effects.
    3. “I like to move it, move it!” It’s been found that those who drink a cup of coffee or two each day are likely to be more physically active—a result of that energy boost!
    4. Did you know coffee has vitamins and nutrients? These include vitamins B2, B3, and B5, as well as magnesium and potassium.
    5. Drinking coffee may prevent Type II diabetes, and could even increase your lifespan! That’s right, coffee has been shown to help you potentially live longer. As an added benefit, since caffeine can reduce depression, you can be happier while living longer, too.

There’s no doubt about it; there are benefits to the beans! But where’s the best place to get your brew?

Well, if you’re in Frederick, the answer is Dublin Roasters!  We have an extensive menu featuring a variety of coffees and coffee-based drinks for you to enjoy. Whether you like a latte, a cappuccino, or an iced chai tea latte, we have them all here. If you’re in downtown Frederick, and can’t make it to us, we can even deliver your coffee to you!