The Best Ways to Store Your Coffee

hand with bracelet sorting light coffee beans

The Best Ways to Store Your Coffee

Is there a coffee fan anywhere who doesn’t love to inhale the aroma of fresh coffee before brewing a pot? There’s nothing like it in the world, delighting your senses and giving you that little lift. It’s such a popular scent that candles are made with this delicious smell! Unfortunately, coffee doesn’t stay fresh forever if it’s not stored properly. Here are some of the best ways to store your coffee to keep it fresher, longer.

Don’t Chill Out

If you purchase coffee grinds, avoid the temptation to store them in the fridge or freezer. There is a bit of a controversy over this, however, but we err on the side of buying new beans or grounds as you use them rather than storing them in the fridge. Why?

  • Stored food can not only lose its own flavor, it may even adopt the flavors and smells of other foods in the fridge or freezer.
  • The fridge has a lot of moisture, which can be absorbed by both whole bean and coffee grinds.
  • Taking the coffee in and out of the fridge or freezer allows even more water condensation to build.
  • Freezing or chilling and thawing may damage the oils within the beans or grounds.

Just Can It

There are many coffee storage canisters available, specifically designed to keep it fresh. Also known as coffee vaults, these come in several different varieties including steel and ceramic. Ceramic containers with airtight seals are a better choice for storing your beans and grounds.

Vacuum Seal

If you’re planning on keeping your coffee in bulk, divide it into several smaller vacuum-sealed bags to maintain freshness. By dividing it into smaller packages, you’ll only need to open one at a time with the rest remaining freshly sealed.

It’s In the Bag

Higher quality coffee comes in bags that feature one-way valves, allowing CO2 and oxygen to escape the bags to maintain freshness. Keeping your beans in their original bag ensures they stay fresh for up to two months.

Location, Location, Location

Stored coffee has three enemies: heat, moisture, and light. Find a cool, dark spot to store it away from heat, such as near the oven, or sunny spots on the kitchen counter.

Whatever container you choose, make sure it is opaque to keep it safe from light.

Buy Fresh More Frequently

Of course, the best way to keep coffee fresh is to purchase it fresh and replace it as needed. Buy only what you need to last for up to two weeks. If you enjoy buying in bulk, however, split your supply into smaller portions and store them in an airtight container or a vacuum-sealed bag.

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