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Colombian Peaberry

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Peaberry Honey & Washed SCA:83 Peaberries are considered to be the smallest beans of coffee. Due to the high quality control standards in Colombia, these grains mostly do not qualify for export. Thanks to the development of specialty coffees in the region, we have noticed that these small beans are full of incredible flavors and aromas.

At Nativos we have taken the time to collect the best size peaberry in order to provide our customers with the best quality of this small grain.

This selection process is repeated in natural and honey process coffees. Traceability Country: Colombia Region:Buesaco,Nariño Producer: Local Farmers COPYRIGHT © G&P Trade Service LLC (Nativos) Farm: Local Farms Coffee Specifications Variety: Castillo, Caturra & Colombia Process: Honey & Washed Elevation: 1850 M.A.S.L

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