Keep An Eye Out for These 7 Coffee Industry Trends

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Keep An Eye Out for These 7 Coffee Industry Trends


No matter what challenges we overcame in 2020 or what’s in store for the rest of 2021, one thing remains certain: we Americans love our coffee. Hot coffee, iced coffee, or espresso, 150 million Americans drink a combined average of about 400 million cups of coffee per day. Emerging coffee industry trends are promising to further increase this number with healthy, canned, and other specialty coffees.

Here are 7 of the biggest emerging coffee industry trends of 2021.

1. Coffee Flights

Coffee flights are a great way for enthusiasts to taste-test different blends from around the world. Just like beer or wine flights in pubs and taverns, a coffee flight will feature several smaller samples, either pre-selected or chosen by the drinker. What a great way to try new blends! Did you know that Dublin offers coffee flights?! It’s true and they’re amazing!

2. Canned Coffees

With cold and iced brews becoming even more popular, canned coffees provide a convenient way to enjoy your drink right from your refrigerator. Since they’re available in different flavors and blends, you’re sure to find one that’ll quench your thirst while boosting your caffeine levels.

3. Coffee Subscription Boxes

Ready to enjoy a caffeinated tour of the world from the comfort of your own kitchen? A coffee club, say the Java Luv Club for example, ensures you have a selection of blends delivered right to your door. Choose your favorite flavors, or experiment with ones you’ve never tried before.

4. Build Your Own Blend

The coffee industry trend of building your own blend is hitting coffee shops near you. Like the richness of coffee but want a hit of espresso or chai spice? Customization is a great way to get your favorite tastes in one cup. Not sure where to start? Combine the blends you get with your coffee subscription box.

5. Coffee Tourism

If you really, really love this wonderful drink, coffee tourism may be for you! It involves traveling to plantations and cafes around the world, looking for unique experiences with your favorite beverage. Some of the best coffee tourism destinations include Seattle, Hawaii, Indonesia, and, unsurprisingly, Brazil and Italy.

6. Nootropic Coffee

Many cafes and coffee shops are embracing holistic health, and that includes a healthy blend of coffee. Ginkgo biloba, yerba mate, ginseng, and other vitamins are added to coffee to help consumers get the most from their brew. The healthy benefits of nootropic coffee include improved focus, memory, and cognitive ability, improved skin and joint health, and lowered stress.

7. Keto-Approved Bullet-Proof Coffee

Bullet-proof coffees, otherwise known as keto or butter coffees, are blended with healthy fats. They’re designed to replace a carb-heavy breakfast and leave you feeling full and energized in the morning. Blended with ghee or grass-fed butter and MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) oil, bullet-proof coffee is perfect for the keto-conscious coffee drinker to get a jump on their morning.

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