Instant Coffee? Just Say No!

serina brewing fresh coffee at Dublin Roasters

Instant Coffee? Just Say No!

Instant coffee. Now there’s something you never thought you would hear Dublin Roasters talk about! Of course, we know you really prefer freshly ground and brewed coffee over instant, and here’s why.

Bad Taste in a Jar

There is a belief that instant coffee isn’t “real” coffee, but it does start with fresh coffee grounds Those signature crystals are made by removing all moisture from the brew. Adding water rehydrates the crystals.

Coffee drinkers aren’t usually fans of instant coffee and find it to be sour, flat, bitter, or chalky. This is, however, one case of getting what you paid for. Cheaper brands are far more likely to have an “off” taste compared to higher-priced brands. The Robusta beans frequently used in instant have lower amounts of fats and sugars than the more popular types of ground beans, like Arabica. It’s these fats and sugars that give many fresh brews their signature taste.

Another reason most brands of instant coffee don’t taste great is the dehydration process itself. These manufacturers use hot chambers to dehydrate the coffee, which accounts for its burnt, bitter taste.

If the taste itself won’t discourage you from drinking instant coffee, consider this: The manufacturing process of instant coffee produces acrylamide, a chemical that forms when the dehydration process forces temperatures of over 248 degrees Fahrenheit. In large amounts, acrylamide is toxic and a carcinogen.

The Case for Fresh Coffee

Fresh coffee isn’t just better tasting, it’s a welcome adventure. The delicious aroma of brewing coffee can’t be matched by instant coffee, and neither can the caffeine levels. Instant only provides about 60 mg of the good stuff on average, while ground packs a punch of around 140 mg of caffeine per cup.

Freshly brewed coffee features many flavor nuances and complexities that instant can’t match. Fresh grounds can have hints of nuts and citrus, for instance, while most instant varieties seem to have an earthy, burnt, and flat taste. It’s the taste that keeps fresh coffee fans loyal, cup after cup.

Dublin Roasters to the Rescue

Most people reluctantly choose instant coffee when they’re running short on time or when they run out of their favorite fresh blends. Dublin Roasters, conveniently located in the heart of Frederick, is always ready with a fresh, hot cup of brew, and joining the Java Luv Coffee Club means having your favorite blends delivered right to your door.

Put down the jar and get in the car. Or if you’re not that far, we’ll bring the beans to you!