Cappuccino vs. Latte: What’s the Difference?

a latte and cappuccino on wood table

Cappuccino vs. Latte: What’s the Difference?

Isn’t it crazy that the same ingredients blended together can turn into a unique experience? 

Happens all the time. Cakes are not donuts. Pizzas are not stuffed breadsticks. Jam is not jelly.  

Is anyone else hungry? 

In the world of coffee, cappuccinos and lattes are similar. But one of those you may love, and the other you may find, “meh.” Yet, the ingredients are the same––espresso, steamed milk, and foam. So, what’s the difference between a cappuccino and a latte? Dublin Roasters is ready to help you sort out the delicious cappuccino vs. latte distinction. 

Lovey Lattes 

A large amount of milk, steamed until rich and smooth, is what makes a latte a latte. The velvety-smooth milk is blended thoroughly into the espresso. A thin layer of foam tops the drink and makes it milk-mustache-worthy enjoyable with every drop. 

Cool Cappuccinos

You’ll find half as much milk in a cappuccino, yet the liquid volume doubles. That’s due to a steaming technique infusing more air into the milk. Think of it like the foam on a frosty mug of root beer. Served in a five- or six-ounce cup, a cappuccino consists of three equal layers: espresso, steamed milk, and topped with froth. 

Which is Stronger?

Since both contain the same amount of espresso, there’s no first-place winner here. With less milk in a cappuccino, it may taste like it packs more of a caffeine punch. The milky flavor of a latte makes the coffee flavor a little more mellow as you drink it.

So, what’s the difference between a latte and a cappuccino? It all boils down to––literally––texture, the ratio of ingredients, and the amount of foam that kisses the rim. And we’d love to craft one just for you with a bit of Dublin Roaster love in our Frederick, Maryland coffee house. Do you know what else we love? Seeing how much you adore our drinks on Instagram and Facebook, so come hang out with us on social or in person, and don’t forget you can shop with us online too. 

We hope to see you soon. And remember, we care about you a-latte.

See what we did there?