Beyond the Beans: Coffee Decline in Ecuador

Beyond the Beans: Coffee Decline in Ecuador

Today’s post from Sarah Cooper (Sarah Rachael Photography) delves into the coffee economy in Ecuador and highlights the reason we are going “beyond the beans” – not only to bring you the world’s best coffees, but learn about and extend a helping hand to the hard-working farmers and their families. Your daily cup makes such a difference in the lives of these farmers and we are excited to explore new ways to connect our communities while savoring the world one bean at a time.

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We went to Ecuador for coffee and got a whole lot more while we were there.

We fell in love with the country and its people during our visit to coffee land. Coffee used to be one of Ecuador’s top exports and sources of income for so many. Unfortunately, coffee farming has been on the decline due to the low pricing that the farmers are getting for their beans.  Many farmers had to abandon farms and crops because they could not afford to hold on.

Sadly, Ecuador now only accounts for less than 1% of the world production of coffee – this breaks our hearts.  We have met and fell in love with many farmers in Ecuador on our trip – not to mention we love Ecuadorian coffee! But with income on their coffee falling below the cost to produce it, it left many farmers and families out of their livelihood.

About half a million people depend on coffee for income in Ecuador. These farmers and their families are finding it hard to rise above poverty without getting fair pricing for their beans.

We are rooting for the coffee farmers and their families of Ecuador – and of course their coffee –  this is why we made this trip! Dublin believes in paying fair trade pricing to the families who dedicate their lives to growing – so here is what we are doing to help:

“Meeting the growers and cooperative members is an integral part of forming relationships, and creating strong sustainable purchasing practices when seeking coffee from the source.  When I take the time and energy to leave Dublin and travel the world in search of green beans, it sends an important message to the people that are growing coffee. It says ‘WE’ care.  When we meet each other, I see and feel how much they care.  

After this, the price per pound doesn’t seem so important, it’s a pride from the farm to the cup.  Purchasing directly from small farms ensures that the best coffee makes it to Dublin. It’s more than just creating a sustainable, fair trade practice – its supporting the industry where it starts.  

We purchase the beans at a price that creates more than a living wage for farmers that partner with Dublin. For Dublin, and our customers, it continues our mission statement:

 ‘Savoring the World, One Bean at a time.'”

– Serina Roy, Dublin Roasters Owner and Coffee Traveling Extraordinaire

We bet you did not know how much of an impact you are making across the world when you drink Dublin Roasters Coffee!?
Keep drinking with Dublin and we will keep supporting these beautiful coffee farmers in Ecuador.

Our Ecuadorian coffee will be arriving in November – stay tuned and keep filling up your cup!

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