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Rwanda from Gasharu Coffee:

The goal of our family business is to make Gasharu Coffee a model for farmer-owned coffee businesses, bringing the highest quality coffee from farms to cups, invest in the community and social development projects, and offer the highest possible price to the small-farm coffee producers. We promote high-quality coffee and good living standards of coffee farmers in our community particularly those working with Gasharu Coffee. With the goal to enable the production of better-quality coffee and allow farmers to receive better prices. Every year, our family works closely with 1,650 farmers from 12 main coffee village farms. We also continue to improve coffee quality and farmers’ income by involving farmers throughout all stages of coffee processing. Every year we employ around 320 local workers from the local community during the peak of the crop with 70% of the workers being women. Gasharu coffee promotes sustainable farming philosophy that integrates good production practices with environmental preservation, community sensitivity, and long-term coffee viability.

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